Album Art Missing? | How To Fix It (Tutorial)

For some this may be annoying to find that your mp3 song is missing the art cover after you have moved it from your computer to your smart phone device. Or, you may have a song where the album cover may be one of those "hard to find".  Typical for older tracks. There are several ways you can solve this issue.

  1. You can download an app from an app store. If you choose to go this route I would recommend "Cover Art Downloader" . However I don't like having a bunch of apps on my phone unless I will be using them daily. So I prefer option 2...
  2. Mp3Tag. - Where you can tag your mp3 songs to include the cover art. You can do this from your desktop. Download the free software here:
I will show you step by step on how to do this.

Step 1: Once you have fully installed the software, open the program. 

Step 2: Go through your music files on your computer and search for the song you need to add cover art to

Step 3: After you have found the song in your library, take your mouse and drag the song to mp3tag panel. 

Step 4: Once you have dragged the file to the panel select the mp3 by clicking on it once. It should be highlighted a light blue color once you have done this. 

Step 5:  After the song is selected go to the top of the panel and where it says "Tag Sources" click on it to open the drop down menu and select "Cover Art" and click on "".

Step 6:  A search box should now appear. You can now do a search for the artist or by album.

Step 7:  Make your selection. If you have more than one option you can go to and do a quick search. Compare it to mp3tag panel options to make the right selection.

Step 8: After you have made your selection you should see another window open to enter your tags. You should see the cover art for the track. If it is not a match click on "back" to make another selection.

Step 9:   If it is a match you can go ahead and press "ok". Then you should see a pop up notice "saved tag".

Step 10:  The mp3 is now ready to be moved (sync) to your smart phone. After sync is complete the song should now be showing the cover art for the album.


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